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The history of the American west is legendary. Each issue of Wild West explores the people, places, and battles that created this county. Discover the history of western cities, the people who made a difference, the treaties, deals, and battles that carved a new beginning. Wild West brings the western frontier to life. Wild West from the category which includes Use these buttons to take our suggestion Magazines.com or compare offers from different sites below.

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The story about Custer and his horse is hit and miss. what they put in the box is proof that the writer and editor are not so much interested in history as they are political hacks. The fact that he claimed that in 1866 Custer, Andrew Johnson, and U.S. Grant were all democrats shows gross incompetence on both the part of the writer and editor and a rewriting of history. Johnson was of course, a Republican whom the democrats reviled and was the second republican president that the democrats at least spoke of trying to impeach (Lincoln was the first). In fact, 15 of the 17 Republican presidents the democrats at least spoke strongly about trying to impeach or at least tried to kill. Johnson was the first successfully impeached over the allegation that he was drunk one day. They never offered any proof or witnesses For his part, Johnson openly admitted that he drank a lot prior to the Civil War, but the day the democrats fired on Fort Sumter, he gave up drinking and no one ever saw him drinking again.US Grant was a democrat prior to the Republicans becoming a party in 1854. His wife had inherited a slave which he freed before joining the Republican Party in I believe, 1856. Democrats wanted to impeach him too. He and the Republicans managed to ban the KKK which was founded and run by members of the Democratic National Committee in 1876. The Democrats got the Supreme Court to reverse it in 1883. The stated reason for founding the Klan was to drive Republicans out of the south. One third of the people murdered by the Klan were white. Most stories I have read about Custer state that he and his father had many heated arguments about politics, with his father a democrat and George Custer a Republican. the fact that the writer mentions them talking against the whigs, is proof that that conversation took place prior to 1860 and probably prior to 1854. In 1866, Custer was called from his duties in Texas to testify before Congress in which he predicted the democrats would start what turned out to be the KKK and Jim Crow laws, both of which he was sternly against. I could go on, but the fact the writer and editor put in stuff which any 7-year old could have found was untrue pretty much scraps everything they wrote. I don't know if I believe any of it now.

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5 of 5 Stars
I Love this magazine. Read it from cover to cover as soon as I get the next issue. I've always loved the West, its history and the people who made it what it became today. I have been out West only once in my Adult life. The people who live West of the Mississippi River and farther West are so different in character, personality, way of life, thoughts and beliefs, than people who live in the Eastern part of our country. They are truly the Heart of America and all it stands for. I envy anyone who has had the opportunity to work, live and be a part of this truly unique part of our country. The beauty of the Mountains, the different ways of life they live and the so totally different dangers, weather and landscape they deal with on a daily basis. Their constant struggle to maintain their way of life and the hard work put into it. Generations of same families who survived the perils they faced from the beginning and even yet today, they live and work hard to keep it as their ancestors did. They contibute so much to all of America. Wild West magazine truly gives all Americans the TRUTH about the people who went west during the 19th Century. The cruel, greedy, punishment of all the Native American Tribes and how our Government lied to them and treated them, what they did to them to achieve their ultimate goal.. to rid Native American's of their very existance and imprision them on worthless pieces of land called Reservations. It was pure genocide for all Native American Tribes. Even today they live in uncalled for poverty. Thanks to our Government officials on all levels. Thank you Wild West magazine for giving Americans the Truth about all the colorful, good and bad, people who shaped and made our Western United States what it is today. J Taylor Indiana

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