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We recommend Zinio.com for your Timber Home Living magazine subscription. Zinio.com is the leading digital magazine and book company that delivers anywhere in the world by internet, including Canada and the U.K. Because its a digital subscription you can view your magazines on a Iphone, tablet, notebook and laptops. Plus, Zinio.com lets you choose whether you want to use auto-renewal or not.

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Zinio.com Subscriptions -- Things to consider.
Zinio.com's Guarantee: Refund for all undelivered issues.

Delivery: Delivery is quick and easy right on your digital device using the internet.

Auto-Renewals: The choice is yours: when purchasing a subscription, you can choose to automatically renew or to let your subscription expire at the end of the term unless you take action to renew.

Zinio.com's Timber Home Living Description: Timber Home Living - Digital format, immediate delivery.

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Zinio.com Subscriptions -- Things to consider.

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Finally U.S. magazines for Canadians at a reasonable price. As long as you don't mind digital subscriptions.

5 of 5 Stars
How can it get any better than this. Read your favorite magazine subscription on your cell phone.

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