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Written for teens, Seventeen discusses all the issues that concern teens. Want to know the latest from the worlds of fashion and beauty? Seventeen has it. How about ideas for getting in shape, dealing with boys, handling problems with your hair and skin? Seventeen has that, too. Filled with ideas and advice for teens, Seventeen is a must-have for the well-informed girl. Seventeen from the category which includes Use these buttons to take our suggestion or compare offers from different sites below.

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Seventeen Magazine Price Comparison - Recommended
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Seventeen Magazine Price Comparison - Recommended
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seventeen magazaine well wat can say i say its one of the best magazines out there out there it talks about everything from boys, to love, just how to live ur life in a good way it answers questions that you u wud be scared to ask anyone else, and lastly just because it says seventeen on the cover it is is for all ages which i love

4 of 5 Stars
i really like seventeen magazine because even though it says seventeen its for all ages, im 13 and its one of my favorite magazines now i have the subscription which i love i like this magazine because i pretty much tells u everthing u wanna know

1 of 5 Stars
This magazine is the epitome of why young girls behave like young adults and do so without thinking about the consequences of those behaviors. Teenage high school girls reading this magazine is one thing, but young elementary and junior high age girls is completely inappropriate. The topics in this magazine was way to mature for many of the age group I have seen reading this magazine.

5 of 5 Stars
This mag is GREAT! My mom first bought me a subscription when I was 12 and I have now been reading it for 4 years and it NEVER gets old. The mag has everything from makeup and hairstyles to info about sex and stds. it has all the great styles and it is great to look at to get inspiration for your own wardrobe. Over all great mag and probably my most fav mag!!

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