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A wonderful source for information for the do-it-yourself fan, Popular Mechanics contains information on automobiles, science, technology and the outdoors. Popular Mechanics has a proven track record of publishing the best articles and ideas. With Popular Mechanics, you can tackle handyman jobs both big and small. The easy-to-follow directions make even the most complex project simple. Popular Mechanics from the category which includes Use these buttons to take our suggestion Magazines.com or compare offers from different sites below.

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Just received Sep 18 issue. Loved to see as young teen back in the 1950's. Now mag is expectedly much thinner, more filled with adverts, but more glitzy. The issue we received had all the pages falling out. Don't need a new copy. Finished. Just thought you might like to know what a shoddy job you are sending out.

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It seems that Popular Mechanics has decided to push the path of most money making advertising without regard to risk to readers. Liquor and tobacco products, alcoholic products are pushed in spite of the health and social draw backs. MADD has worked to reduce alcohol caused accidents and death. Medical notices are required to help deter youth from all forms of tobacco us yet your editor uses this platform to make their use acceptable and expected. It is counter productive to support safer and healthier products and to support Mechanics Illustrated at the same time. Please terminate further correspondence with account 1008735563.

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I have been receiving your Magazine for about the last 4 or 5 Mo's and I love it.

5 of 5 Stars
My husband loves the Popular Mechanics magazine subscription I get him every year for his birthday.

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