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People magazine is for you if you like to keep track of celebrities, find out more about interesting folks with unique stories, and stay current on the latest trends. With everything from in-depth interviews and coverage of celebrities to stories about everyday heroes, People weekly magazine delivers the world to your doorstep weekly. People brings you fascintaing stories from around the world and here at home. You'll always find the latest news in People magazine. People from the category which includes Use these buttons to take our suggestion or compare offers from different sites below.

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2 of 5 Stars
I have been buying and reading People since the seventies! I have always enjoyed your magazine up until the last 5 years. I stopped buying it on a weekly basis a few years ago for several reasons. Every once in awhile I will pick one up to see if the magazine has gone back to writing articles like it used to and not inform me on what kind of makeup or recipe that a movie star uses! I DO NOT find that interesting, in fact it is the reason I have stopped reading your magazine. It is so boring, and so full of ads that is it just not worth the 6.99$ that I now have to pay! I feel sad as it was part of my fun reading as a young adult and adult years. The magazine used to be full of interesting articles on various news of the week issues and what was happening with the stars. Get rid of the recipes, the makeup articles and for heaven sakes the “what is different” pages that are at the back of the issues that are a complete waste of the magazine and go back to the format with the interesting articles!

1 of 5 Stars
Please let Erin know that wrote the story about Queen Elizabeth taking a small gift for the new baby that the Queen is always addressed as Her Majesty, never Her Royal Highness. I am British. Thank you. Marion Smith (female)

2 of 5 Stars
We have been getting People Magazine for many years and will not be renewing due to the higher cost and now no crossword puzzle.

1 of 5 Stars
very bad lately!!!

1 of 5 Stars
DROPPING THIS SUBSCRIPTION due to your never ending idol worship of celebrities, and bias reporting. PEOPLE , just like the Celebs you cater to, is completely out of touch with working class America. Priviledged individuals like Meryl Streep, Oprah, the Kardashians, etc. do not represent citizens who work daily for a living. I am an educator, mother, wife of 30 years, sister, role model, and mentor. I do not wear $20,000 gowns and million dollar jewels to overblown events for overblown egos, and I certainly do not support their causes. It's regretful that your magazine has become another media rag, intent on the destruction of American values, and that you show a complete disregard and lack of respect for our POTUS and his family. Adios from this dual Master's Degree Educator!! Connie S. Manning, Fredericksburg, VA

2 of 5 Stars
How on earth could you have not put Gary Marshall on the cover?? Younger and younger people are running corporations and have completely different interests about who will be on the cover. The majority of USA and beyond know who he is, Bad choice. If your trying to sell magazines based on your cover those of us with subscriptions, which is the majority of your sales will already receive it which is unfortunate for us. What's with all the advertising?? People had some good current event articles now there's too much of the "red carpet". I'm sad because I enjoy the magazine however I won't be renewing.

3 of 5 Stars
Please STOP with the small print!!!

5 of 5 Stars
Shame on you ! To put David Bowie inside your magazine on a page at the end . " Bowie had more talent than anyone at the golden globes." The world is grieving for him , and you do not share that . To sad as he was talented beyond belief . I watched him in the 70 s and 80,s and from what I have read he was a very kind , gentle soul who enjoyed much laughter . He loved his family .My thoughts go out to Iman ,Lexi and and his son . I grieve with you .

4 of 5 Stars
My friend loves your mag she get it all time and just love it am going to get her a mail for her birthday.

1 of 5 Stars
I have been a subscriber since 1999 and will no be renewing. After your People Awards on TV last week I cannot possibly support the magazine any longer. BEsides the ads mentioned by others, I find that your content is getting less and less interesting. The "people" that you are covering are getting less and less interesting to me. I will not be renewing this year. Kate Hudson getting the "role model" award was the last straw!

1 of 5 Stars
Gets harder every year deciding whether to renew my subscription to People. Over half of the magazine is now nothing but ads. I realize you have to make money from ads but 50+ pages every month (at last count) is too much. It also appears that you are trying to become a food, beauty and fashion, TV and Movie review magazine and have drastically cut down on the stories that have always been a "People" staple. I already get Good Housekeeping for home decor, beauty and food articles and have other venues for getting information on TV shows, moves and books. I have been a long time subscriber and have seen a big change in the magazine, and not all for the good.

1 of 5 Stars
Re: June 3, 2013 issue - inside front cover Kraft Foods ad - DISGUSTING!! REVOLTING!! CRUDE!! PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE THIS AD IN FUTURE ISSUES! People magazine is always displayed in our reception room (doctor's office) and if these ads continue, we will request our subscription be CANCELLED. Thank you.

5 of 5 Stars
I've been a people magazine subscriber for years, love it. Not as trashy as some of the other magazines.

5 of 5 Stars
The People magazine on my coffee table is the first thing my kids go for when they come over. I would get them a subscription but i'm worried they wouldn't come over as often.

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