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Problems with Magazine Subscriptions

Delivery: It is common for subscriptions from even the best magazine websites to take from 3 to 8 weeks to deliver your first issue. Some sites can take up to 12 or more weeks.

Auto-Renewals: Some magazine websites automatically renew your subscriptions. If you do not want to renew them, you should contact the company you ordered from. If you don't know which website you ordered from, you can use the link below to call the publisher. The publisher can usually let you know what company you originally ordered from so that you can contact them and prevent them from automatically renewing your subscription.

Repeat Renew Notices: It is common to get duplicate renewals, one from the magazine supplier you originally ordered from and one from the publisher. If you're not sure if your subscription has been renewed you can contact the company you ordered from or find the publisher's phone number using the link below.

Un-ordered Magazines: If you receive a magazine and are being billed for a subscription you didn't order, you shouldn't have to pay for it. You should contact the publisher.

Missing, Damaged or Duplicate Issues: These can be fixed by the company you ordered from, if that doesn't work contact the publisher.

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