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If you want to keep current on everything dealing with business, Business Week is for you. Inside you'll find information on investing, the latest on up-and-coming companies and those that are struggling, what's new in technology, the latest information on innovations, and ideas on effective management techniques. You'll also find information on issues facing small businesses and business updates from around the world. Stay on top on the latest business news with Business Week. BusinessWeek from the category which includes Use these buttons to take our suggestion or compare offers from different sites below.

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Your recent issue with XXX on it and a outline of naked people shocked my younger daughter last week when she got the mail from our mailbox. She said daddy, why are you getting a magazine about naked people? Then with this weeks issue you proudly display the John Deere tractor company. That is not bad but you put in big bold letters that the company is so strong now that it is a BAD ASS. Is this appropriate for a so-called professional magazine like yours? Oh by the way my daughter beat me to the mailbox agin to get my mail and asked me what a bad-ass was! I just recently subscribed to your magazine for two years but will be cancelling my subscription. To cain readership your magazine has now become very unprofessional and sleazy. My money will go to a better business magazine that isn't owned by Bloomberg. I'm only one person but as one famous singer stated, "I'm spreading the news" Signed, Diappointed

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