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Dedicated to the gun enthusiast, Guns & Ammo brings you the latest updates on guns and gun safety. With helpful information on gun buying, gun care, and gear updates, Guns & Ammo keeps you current with the latest information. Guns & Ammo is the perfect magazine for the safety-conscious recreational gun owner. Use these buttons to take our suggestion or compare offers from different sites below.

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 12   $12.97  Order Magazine - Recommended, but customer service is email only.
 Website   Money Back Guarantee       Magazine Site Review       1st Issue**   Auto Renew***   Issues   Price   Order Info  90-day 100% refund, 3 subscription max.   Online magazine subscription manager allows you to easily update current orders.   6 to 8+ weeks   Yes   12   $12.97  Order Magazine - Highly Recommended Authorized Dealer
 Website   Money Back Guarantee       Magazine Site Review       1st Issue**   Auto Renew***   Issues   Price   Order Info  Refund for all unsent issues.   One of the most trusted magazine sites on the web. Gift subscriptions auto renewal is optional.   3 to 8 weeks   Yes
with notification. 
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Dear Sirs: I have been a Guns and Ammo subscriber for many years now and cann say without any rebuttal that it is the finest magazine of it's kind in all the world. In the current magazine, an article tells of the re-emergence of Colt. I am particularily interested in the New Colt .45 Gold Cup. I live in Southern California and would like to know if I can buy one in California. If I cannot, how can I purchase one LEGALLY?

5 of 5 Stars
Guns and Ammo is great! My brother, a gun owner, would benefit a great deal from reading the articles in Guns and Ammo. Even the most experienced gun owners can surely learn a great deal. What a great way to stay abreast of different gun legislation and other current events.

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