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Cooking With Paula Deen Magazine Price Comparison - Highly Recommended Authorized Dealer
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Cooking With Paula Deen Magazine Price Comparison - Highly Recommended Authorized Dealer
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5 of 5 Stars
I LOVE HER MAGAZINE ~ She makes regular down-home family type meals and that's how I grew up. I'm from a family of 7 children; I've been cooking since I was 10 yrs old and learned everything from my Mom who was a fabulous cook! Now I've passed everything she taught me on to my two children, as Paula did with her boys! It's a wonderful gift! Love you Paula! I wish you much love, happiness and good health always. . .

5 of 5 Stars
I like cooking but I'm not too good at it. Paula deens magazine keeps me trying and I would recommend a subscription to anyone interested in cooking.

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More Magazine Descriptions - Cooking with Paula Deen is a cooking magazine that celebrates staples of Southern cooking from celebrity chef Paula Deen. - At Paula's house, a meal is a feast filled with the tastes, aromas, and spirited conversation reminiscent of a holiday family gathering. Now, celebrity chef Paula Deen shares her secrets for transforming ordinary meals into memorable occasions in Cooking with Paula Deen. In each issue, you will find entertaining tips, exciting new food preparation techniques and easy recipes for mouthwatering meals everyone is sure to love and no one will soon forget. - In Cooking with Paula Deen Paula shares the warmth of her kitchen and her Southern hospitality, combining the love of delicious home-cooked meals with a lifestyle steeped in tradition. Each issue of Cooking with Paula Deen contains beautifully designed articles and recipes based on Paula's uncomplicated style of home cooking. The magazine also gives readers a glimpse into Paula's life, her favorite places and includes tips for creative food presentation, entertaining and holiday menus. - Cooking with Paula Deen magazine is a true expression of the Paula Deen magazine brand-uncomplicated down-home recipes, family traditions, creative food presentations, and entertaining ideas. Paula Deen shares her life and family with readers in each issue, highlighting everything from travel and home decor to parties and gardening. - Cooking with Paula Deen - Digital format, immediate delivery.